Children and Technology – What Games Do Kids Play Today?

The advent of touchscreens and other electronic devices has changed the way kids play. No longer is it enough to give a child a toy or a board to build with. With more options and games available, kids are learning more about how to use these technologies. Some studies show that touchscreens are now the primary form of playful delight, outpacing toys like blocks and construction vehicles.

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Past decade

While the tools for play have changed significantly over the past decade, children remain the same curious beings they have been for centuries. Their bodies and minds are still the same as they were when the first computers were invented. In fact, half of all kids now own a computer and a smartphone. Parents need to be aware of when they should introduce their children to these new technologies, especially when it comes to playing games. The most optimal age for introducing your child to technology is five or six years of age. However, younger children benefit more from physical activity, such as playing with toys.

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Development of technology

Despite the rapid development of technology, children still retain the same curiosity and sense of wonder. Tablets and smartphones are among the most widely used tools for play, and the first introduction to these devices usually occurs when children are about three and a half. So, parents should be aware of the best age to introduce their children to technology. For instance, parents should limit their children’s exposure to video games before they reach school.

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