Everything Athletes should know about Anavar

Most athletes’ primary goal is to achieve a hard and lean physique to achieve their desired goal. Many supplements are available in the market that help you to achieve your bodybuilding goal. Here we’ll discuss one of them, which is Anavar. If you think, why Anavar? Here you’ll get all of your answers through this article.

Anavar is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid that was developed in 1962 by American pharmaceutical company G.D.Searle & Co. It is also popular with other names such as Var and Oxandrolone.

Moreover, it is FDA approved medication, but it is banned for sports use in many countries. It belongs to schedule III controlled substances, but currently, it is a more popular performance enhancement drug among athletes and bodybuilders. It is the most expensive steroid compound on the market, so many people can’t afford it.

  • What Is The Use Of Anavar Steroid?

Initially, it was developed to enhance lean muscle mass in those patients suffering from muscle-wasting conditions. Anavar for treating medical conditions is available from different pharmaceutical companies, or you can find Anavar for sale online.

It was mainly formulated as a mild drug that comes with few side effects, so women and children can safely use this steroid compound. It is a very effective drug to treat men and women from catabolic illness, burns, different infections, and recovery from surgery. It can also be prescribed for osteoporosis patients because it has the ability to improve bone mineral density.

The other use of Anavar steroid is as a performance enhancer. Anavar for bodybuilding helps them to gain a lean and hard physique, including eliminating body fats or weight loss and providing significant physical strength. It can also promote cardio endurance level and metabolic rate, which help you to burn body fats quickly.

  • What Are The Positive Effects And Benefits Of Using Anavar Steroid?

Anavar is an ideal choice for athletes because most of them are not looking for huge muscle mass gain, and Anavar does not help gain huge muscle mass. It only allows you to add lean muscle mass growth and greater strength. It can also provide other positive effects or advantages like:

  • Moderate muscle mass gain
  • Lean muscle mass growth
  • Quick fat burning
  • Improve metabolic rate
  • Weight loss
  • Enhance red blood cell production
  • Increase nitrogen retention
  • Lower muscle tiredness
  • Big pumping effects
  • Improve endurance level
  • Improve overall athletic performance

The main advantage of using Anavar is that it does not convert testosterone into estrogen, which means it is not an aromatase steroid. So, during the Var cycle, you’ll gain lean muscle mass growth without any water weight and no other estrogenic side effects.

  • Why Is Anavar The Best Choice For Athletes?

Several reasons are there why you can find Anavar is the best choice for athletes. We have already discussed its positive effects; I am sure now you know its importance. It is an ideal choice for beginner and female users because it is available in oral form, so they are easy to consume, and no needles are required.

Most athletes want to lose their excess body fats without losing their muscle tissues. Furthermore, they also need better strength and endurance to achieve impressive results. So, Anavar is the best solution to achieve the above goal. People need to make sure to consume them properly with a proper diet plan and training workout.

No matter how many choices athletes have but Anavar for lean muscle mass is the perfect choice for them. Mostly this steroid compound is used during the cutting cycle because it gives numerous positive benefits without any severe side effects. It does not cause excess weight gain and fluid retention, which makes it a more powerful steroid compound among athletes.

It can often stack with other anabolic steroids like Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, Winstrol, and Primobolan. All of the supplements offer great benefits based on individual bulking and cutting cycle goals. Moreover, stacking provides the best possible results in one cycle.

In addition, Anavar reduces muscle degradation after your training workout, which is great for athletes to build muscle tissues. It can also quickly repair damaged muscle tissues themself and prevent further issues.

  • What Are The Correct Dose And Cycle Of Anavar?

→ Anavar Dose For Men:

The typical dosage range of Anavar for men is between 20 mg to 80 mg every day. Depending on men’s experience level, they can consume it. The ideal cycle duration is around 6 to 8 weeks because longer cycles can be hepatotoxic and also elevate your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. It can also suppress testosterone levels in the body.

→ Anavar Dose For Women:

The typical dosage range of Anavar for women is between 5 mg to 20 mg daily. Novice female users can also start with 2.5 mg daily based on their tolerance level; they can increase the dose. The ideal cycle duration for female athletes is around 4 to 6 weeks because longer cycles may cause virilization effects in them.

→ Anavar Only Cycle:

The Anavar-only cycle is not common among bodybuilders because it is mild in nature and has weak anabolic effects. Thus, Anavar stacking is the best option for male users. However, the Anavar-only cycle is adequate for female athletes and novice male users because of their first steroid cycle.

Week Anavar Dose For Men Anavar Dose For Women
Week 1 20 mg every day 5 mg every day
Week 2 20 mg every day 5 mg every day
Week 3 40 mg every day 5 mg every day
Week 4 40 mg every day 10 mg every day
Week 5 60 mg every day 10 mg every day
Week 6 60 mg every day 10 mg every day

→ Anavar Stack Cycle:

Anavar is usually combined with testosterone for bulking cycles. It can combat low testosterone symptoms and provide numerous benefits like lean muscle mass growth, higher strength and endurance, and a quick recovery rate.

Week Anavar Dose Testosterone Arimidex
Week 1-6 50 mg every day 500 mg every week 0.5 mg every other day
Week 7-12 N/A 500 mg every week 0.5 mg every other day

Another popular stack cycle is Anavar and Winstrol. It is an effective cutting cycle that helps to maintain existing muscles and strength and simultaneously reduces body fat. These steroid compounds are 17C-AA, so they can not be consumed simultaneously because they may potentially cause extra strain on the liver.

Week Anavar Dose Winstrol Testosterone Arimidex
Week 1-4 N/A N/A 500 mg every week 0.5 mg every other day
Week 5-8 50 mg every day N/A 500 mg every week 0.5 mg every other day
Week 9-12 N/A 50 mg every day 500 mg every week 0.5 mg every other day
  • Conclusion

Anavar is an ideal steroid compound for athletes because it helps them to achieve a hard and lean physique. It is a mild steroid drug, so it does not cause any severe side effects but remember, long-term cycles and higher doses are not good for your health so avoid it. Above, we have mentioned both only and stack cycle examples that you can perform based on your individual goal, either for bulking or cutting.

You can also take other free Anavar cycle advice from our bodybuilder experts ( to achieve maximum outcome results.

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