Games Workshop – What Materials Are Warhammer Miniatures Made With?

While some models are produced in high quality plastic, others are made of resin. While the latter is cheaper, resin minis can be more expensive. These are created using a mould and polyurethane. The main benefit of resin is its crisp detail, but it’s also softer and brittle. Games Workshop has a variety of different materials for their miniatures. Here’s a look at a few of them:


Despite the high cost of Warhammer minis, most of them are made from metal or plastic. They often come with bases, which are either round or square. These are useful for setting up your game scenario. Some models include terrain and require assembly, which may take some time. The bases are also necessary to pull together all of the components and frame the mini. Some miniatures have multiple pieces and need to be put together.


Games Workshop miniatures are crafted from resin and polystyrene. While some companies use other materials to make their figures, Games Workshop miniatures are often much more expensive because of the intricate detail. They are also often handmade. Unlike plastic or resin, Warhammer miniatures are large, fragile, and made from very delicate materials. Furthermore, because they are manufactured by hand, they are expensive.

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