How Can I Reach 10000 Downloads of My Mobile Game on Google Play?

If you’re wondering, “How can I reach 10000 downloads of my mobile game on Google Play?” there are a few ways you can promote your game. Firstly, you should advertise on the social networks such as Facebook. Using these sites, you can promote your app without having to pay a penny. Secondly, you should make sure that your game is available for free to everyone. This will increase your visibility among users and get you a lot of downloads.

Google Play console

Another way to promote your game is by using the Google Play console. The app store provides statistics about the number of downloads but does not show the active installs. A handy tool to track installs and view statistics is the Google play console. You can also use the Mobile Growth Organization community to ask other developers for advice and critique your app. Remember, users will not give you feedback if they don’t like your product, so you should get expert opinions.

A paid ad

If you want to increase downloads quickly, you should add a paid ad. Having an ad isn’t the only way to get attention from users. If your game is not free, you should pay for ads to generate more downloads. You can also increase the number of free ad-supported downloads. Adding ads is an effective way to increase your downloads and monetize your app.

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