How to run a product launch email campaign? 

Every company – small or big, works hard to develop a new product and hopes to see strong sales on the day it is released.

You, as a business owner, would also want the same thing for your company, right?

A product launch email can help spread the word about your new product or service and its purpose may appear straightforward – you’re announcing something new.

However, there are various types of product launch emails, each with its own purpose.

Product release emails, announcements of new features, pre-orders, future sales, and event invitations are examples of these types of emails.

The arrival of a new product or a new version of an already existing product can be announced via product release emails.

You can keep your current customers up to date on the addition of exciting new features to your product by sending them an email with a feature announcement.

An email invitation to an upcoming webinar series can be sent out as an event invitation email. This is in contrast to future sales emails, which will inform your customers about the special pricing upon release.

Let’s take a look at a few creative approaches to an email campaign for a new product launch.

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Plan a sequence of emails 

You should not announce the launch of your product in one email, but rather in several.

But, why?

Sending a single email increases the likelihood of your message being misplaced or forgotten.

The timing of these emails as well as the content of the messages themselves are crucial to their success. As a result, it is highly recommended to send multiple emails in succession.

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1st email type – Build Anticipation 

It needs to be sent out two weeks before your product goes on sale.

This teaser email informs your audience that there is something new is on the way without giving too much away.

You can give a hint as to what your product will be able to accomplish.

In order to avoid your audience becoming disinterested and possibly forgetting about your product launch, don’t send this email more than two weeks prior to launch.

2nd email type – Announcing the Product 

With this email, you are putting an end to the suspense created by your previous email.

Tell your audience when and what they can expect. Include photos or screenshots of your new product, as well as information on how customers can pre-order it and the exact release date.

3rd email type – Launch Day 

Share your excitement with your audience so that they will be motivated to make a purchase or update to the most recent version of your product.

Customers will be more likely to spread the word if you include social share buttons.

4th email type – Follow-Up 

These emails should only be sent to those customers who haven’t yet purchased or upgraded your product.

This follow-up email should be sent at least one week after the launch of your new product, or whenever you notice a decrease in adoption.

Concluding thoughts 

A great email about a new product is one of the best ways to get in touch with customers again and remind them of how useful your product is.

Regardless of how your product launch email messages go, make sure you’re communicating with your audience about why your product is worth their time.

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