Intel RealSense Q1 Partners With Samsung Venture Beat

Using a face recognition algorithm coupled with a database of millions of user-submitted pictures, Intel’s RealSense has the chops to make your face yours. The resulting product isn’t just for the discerning consumer – it’s a good fit for enterprises as well. It’s not a surprise that Intel is working with partners to incorporate it into their products and services. A recent survey of 900 senior executives revealed that a significant percentage of those in the C-suite would use it on a regular basis. That’s why Intel stepped up its game with the announcement of a new partnership with a major manufacturer of smartphones.

In addition to the usual suspects, Intel has announced that it is joining the Open Source VR (OSVR) platform, which includes such notable names as Razer. As the name suggests, the company hopes to spur development of VR games and apps built around its RealSense technology. As a founding member of the aforementioned platform, the company is in the know. In particular, Intel’s vice president of the gaming division is hoping to spark a new breed of developers by introducing a streamlined and affordable platform to the masses. The company’s top-of-the-line RealSense headset will be bundled with the company’s newest laptops.

The company is also taking the lead in the hardware space, with its latest incarnations of the aforementioned headsets boasting up to nine hours of battery life and a nifty new display. The aforementioned headsets are also a stepping stone to the company’s new VRX desktop PCs.

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