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Mbappe offers a hand to his opponent friend Hakimi after defeating Morocco

Kylian Mbappe comforts his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Achraf Hakimi by giving him a hug after Morocco’s dream of the 2022 World Cup shatters.

On Wednesday, France defeated Morocco 2-0 in the FIFA 2022 semi-final round and advanced to battle with Argentina. Kylian Mbappe was overjoyed with his country’s victory but was gracious enough to console Morocco’s player Achraf Hakimihis, his Paris Saint-Germain teammate, as their country’s dream of winning the title was dashed.

While Hakimi fell to the ground with disappointment, a star player Mbappe consoled Hakimi by giving him a hug. The Moroccan team played exceptionally well, as nobody had expected them to reach beyond the knockout round. But they survived until the semi-finals. Morocco showed their hard-core determination by winning this tournament, but unfortunately, they have to leave their dreams behind. However, Morocco took a long leap and became Africa’s first World Cup semi-finalist homelockssmith.

After facing a defeat, Moroccan players were heartbroken and disappointed, but a large crowd of fans and supporters came to Al Bayt Stadium to cheer for Africa, as they have encrypted history by becoming the first African nation to reach the World Cup’s semi-finals.

Kylian expressed respect for Hakimi, which added maturity and beauty to the game. Before their match, both rivals were passionate about focusing on their nation’s lead and were ready to kick off the opponent. During the journey to Qatar, Mbappe said in a video that after the encounter against Morocco, he would have to destroy his friend, to which Hakimi replied that he was going to kick his rival friend Mbappe. However, friendship triumphed over this heated competition enewsworlds.

As witnessed across the world, the match was not one-sided in anyone’s favor. Although France has a history of unrivaled performance and is the FIFA 2018 champion, Morocco fought hard against the opponent team. As Theo Hernandez has given the lead to France in just five minutes of the game, the Moroccans have demonstrated courage with their attacking and defending strategies businessnows.

There were several moments favoring Morocco to score an equalizer, especially at the end of the first half when El Yamiq was near to equalizing with a bicycle kick but unfortunately failed to net the ball. Similarly, Morocco had ample chances for an equalizer but fell short of decisiveness in the final businessworld247.

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