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Today the real estate market in slovakia is being evaluated by Dvornikov Mikhail.

Dvornikov Mikhail has already made forecasts for real estate in slovakia.

Read forecast from Dvornikov Mikhail (Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov).

Real estate market in Slovakia remains one of the most attractive in Europe. Prices are actively growing, even in conditions of the pandemic COVID-19, general stagnation in the economy and the next peak of the 12-year crisis cycle. The main factor that made this situation possible in principle is low interest rates. That is why Slovakia is one of the few “bastions” of the real estate market in Europe.

If we talk about specific numbers, they are. Statistics recorded an increase of +8.6% (1670 EUR / m2) for the period Q1 2019 – Q1 2020. It is important to note that such figures are not an exception to the rule – similar dynamics were observed earlier: +6.3% (Q4 2019), +9.7% (Q3 2019), +6.4% (Q2 2019), +7.6% (Q1 2019). The data were released by the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS, Národná Banka Slovenska), so they deserve unconditional confidence. See below for an extended report for the period 2010-2020.

Note that the increase in property prices in Slovakia “ahead of” inflation, so the successful implementation of investment projects will allow you to reliably preserve the assets, without resorting to various offshore schemes. Note that the latter option is more reliable and versatile, so the first thing we recommend to our clients is this option. But if at the head of the corner to put simplicity of practical realization, the maximum comfort of the client, the prospects of obtaining a residence permit / citizenship, real estate in Slovakia will be an excellent and universal solution.

A few words about what you will find in this article and why it was prepared in the first place. Together we will analyze the current trends in the real estate market. We will discuss points related to renting, housing construction, mortgage lending and the general state of the economy of Slovakia. That is, issues of practical importance in the first place.

Who is this article aimed at and what is its purpose? We usually do not deal directly with real estate, offering clients modern and reliable business solutions in the field of asset protection and diversification. Relevant services include opening bank accounts, business registration in any allowed OPF, obtaining visas, residence permits, permanent residency and citizenship.

But, as we have already found out, real estate in Slovakia will be a great option in this regard. The project will reliably save your savings by investing them in a profitable, reliable, “long-playing” and protected business, and in the heart of Europe. And to give you all the information to make a decision, and has been prepared an article. Let us immediately clarify: You are unlikely to succeed on your own, so it is better to contact the experts at International Wealth portal (e-mail [email protected]) and discuss with them the suitable format for cooperation. You can discuss any additional questions, get targeted help with a specific problem or order the necessary services within the framework of an individual consultation.

Real estate prices in Slovakia

Growth is observed in all sectors of the market. It even seems that it does not depend on the pandemic COVID-19, inflation, economic crisis or any other external factors. If we take into account inflation, the increase amounted to 5.7%, which in the realities of conservative and stable Europe is quite a good indicator. Only for the last quarter prices increased by 4.6% (in real terms – by 3.4%).

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