Should We Keep Score of Kids Sports Games?

Parents have argued for many years that keeping score is bad for young children, and they’ve even argued that keeping score will discourage children from playing sports altogether. However, the truth is that keeping score is necessary for the sake of fairness and fun. Kids should play sports for the pure enjoyment of the experience, not to earn points or win. Taking away the score from games can prevent the development of certain skills, such as concentration.

Score of games

In a recent article in the New York Times, a prominent outdoor fishing network questioned whether or not it’s necessary for children to keep score of games. The debate has branched out beyond sports, however, and many Canadian parents have cited sports as a useful socializing tool for their children. This new research has given parents another option: letting the kids play their sport without any parent or coach.

Encouraging competition

In addition to encouraging competition, keeping score of kids’ games can promote a competitive mindset. Many parents, especially those who don’t have children themselves, are likely to discourage a child from pursuing their passions. Keeping a score is a great way to encourage children to focus on playing, and it allows them to feel more confident in their abilities. But why should we do this? It’s important to note that keeping score isn’t necessary.

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