Tech Savior- Android Addition: How to Save Your Battery from Draining

Are you observing a rapidly draining battery life on your phone? Are you finding your phone’s battery acting up strange lately? While there could be many reasons behind these battery flaws one of the main reasons is the lockdown.

Due tothe coronavirus outbreak in the United States, the state governments imposed lockdowns, which resulted in the closure of schools, colleges and almost everything that connects people to their normal life. And due to this situation, people are left with no choice but to spend their days on their smartphones. This quarantine burdened the phone battery, which was not capable of entertainingcontinuous mobile phone usage. While there is no way that you can make the condition right around the globe, you can still work on the betterment of your battery life. In this blog, you will find ways about how you can boost your battery life.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many people have faced the loss of routines. The young mobile phone users who already have a habit of continuously using their smartphones after losing their routine have become more inclined towards high phone usage. And because of this, they are finding that their Android phone’s battery is either acting up weird lately or is draining rapidly.

Of course, we cannot ask you to put your cell phone in a corner and do something that does not demand its need. What we are asking is to read the details given below, as this way you will encounter some of the reasons for poor battery life that you were not aware of before.

Know Your Apps

The first and foremost thing that an Android mobile phone user should do for healthy battery life is to have a detailed understanding of the applications installed on the phone.

By checking out which application is useless but is requiring battery, you can delete them to reclaim the phone space and phone battery life.

For instance, due to coronavirus outbreak people stuck in their homes have become more vulnerable to get in touch with their loved ones. For this purpose, they have installed a number of video and voice calling applications. But once they start using these applications they understand how the fuzzy phone calls and troubled video calls are a headache. But the mistake they commitis that they leave that application installed on the phone, which later sucks up all their battery life.

The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself a reliable phone networking service so that your phone is free from useless communication applications. For this purpose, Hughes net offers Hughesnet phone that provides unlimited data satellite internet to make your video call seamless. In addition, you can nationwide calling through this 5th generation satellite internet technology.

In the second step, you need to get rid of the useless video and voice applications and check whether the other applications of similar nature are sucking up your phone battery or not.

Brightness Setting

Another critical mistake that people, usually older usersdo is that they put their phone’s brightness on 100% just to ensure they get a better screen view. The problem here is that the maximum brightness in your phone will defiantly give a better screen time but it will not last for long, as the brightness level will suck your entire phone’s battery. 866 Spectrum has invested a staggering $5 billion to expand its operations and support services, so you can benefit.

Therefore, what you need to do is lower the brightness of your phone by going to the brightness setting option in your Android phones. Other than this, you can adjust the adaptive display setting; an additional brightness feature in Android phones. The adaptive display setting enables the auto-brightness feature that allows the phone to adjust lighting as per the surrounding of the phone.

To enable a feature all you need to do is go to Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness. Adaptive (or “auto”) brightness.

Use Dark Mode

To carry forward the method of adjusting screen brightness for healthy battery life, here’ another exception to it. Many of the applications in Android smartphones are now offering the Dark Mode feature, which upon switching not only becomes less threatening for your eyesight but also saves battery life on OLED screens.

Furthermore, if you are someone who uses their smartphone on the bed at night then this Dark Mode feature is the best suited for you. You no longer need to download an application that can lower the brightness level on your phone and also drain the battery life and occupy phone space.


Amid lockdown, Android users are facing serious battery issues. To help them fix those battery bugs we have quoted the easiest solutions in the blog above.


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