Why Are Warhammer Books Getting More Kid-Friendly?

Many Warhammer fans are concerned that the new Warhammer books will not be appealing to children. The games are notoriously dark and violent, and the books based on the game are equally dark. But this trend is slowly changing as more books are being created for kids. Here are the reasons why: a. The Games Workshop doesn’t want to be associated with the dark and gory content of the Warhammer universe.


Because Warhammer games are becoming more accessible to young children. A new series called Warhammer Adventures has just been announced by Games Workshop. It is designed for kids and has been marketed toward 8-12 year olds. It will feature the game’s famous characters in a sanitized format, but it will still have plenty of grimdark. The first two novels will be released in 2019, and it is likely that they will have a strong influence on the game’s future.


The games are still expensive. The Warhammer series isn’t just a game. It is an obsession for fans. In the past, it was a hobby for middle-class nerds. It was just as expensive as heroin and wasn’t any better for their social lives. A single squadron of space marines would cost PS20, and a full two-player game would require 10 times that much. But the new series is designed to appeal to a broad age range, allowing younger and older gamers to get involved in the fun without sacrificing the game’s content.

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